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] martha: thanks, guys. we start with this fox news alert. egypt's disgraced former president hosni mubarak could be released from prison as early as this week as prosecutors cleared him of his corruption case as egypt continues to spiral into chaos. gregg: that news coming as there is new bloodshed in egypt with the execution-style killings of 20 policemen in the sinai. >> the best way to solve this problem is to write a new constitution where everyone has a say. and to have new elections. if they hadn elections muslim brotherhood could get creamed. if they don't, al qaeda will come in. that means gas prices go up. the suez canal gets compromised. this is a disaster in the making. martha: an estimated 1,000 people have been killed in these clashes between supporters of the muscle * and the government security forces. we have seen violence if alex and dria and -- in alexandria. the government has banned vigilante groups and say they will not tolerate any more violence. gregg: what's cairo like so far? >> reporter: it appears the muslim brotherhood's so-called week of rage has fizzled. the a
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, our martha raddatz in egypt, and a new warning for america. >>> got you, speed traps. we're out with police to show you clues before you hear that siren. >>> and the family photos are here. mom, dad and tiny prince george together at home. >> good evening on monday night. as we come on the air it is man versus nature and there is a map that se it all, a giant wildfire spreading through idaho and watch it grow over this weekend. bearing down now on sun valley and the vacation homes, the giant mansions of the rich and famous there. veteran firefighters are calling this fire a beast and abc's aditi roy is right there with them. >> reporter: the beaver creek wildfire burns deep in the hills near sun valley idaho and 1200 crews attacking the flames and smoke from above and below. firefighters are work is against hot, dry weather and wind gusts turning the fire into tornado-li tornado-like spirals. they are putting in a sprinkler system to protect the homes but most work is done with hand tools. they're digging away trees and anything flammable to make sure flames don't burn beyond th
on martha's vineyard. >> reporter: as president obama wrapped up his vacation on martha's vineyard today, his policy toward egypt came under sharp criticism in washington. >> we have no credibility. >> reporter: senator john mccain, who recently traveled to egypt at the request of president obama and who initially opposed cutting off the $1.3 billion in u.s. military aid to the country, now argues that given the ongoing violence, aid should end. >> when we threaten something, as we did that we would cut off aid, the administration did, and then not do it, then you lose your credibility and your influence. >> reporter: and while some fellow republicans disagreed -- >> i would be reluctant to cut off aid. obviously, we should use it as a bargaining wedge. >> reporter: there was also mounting bipartisan support for holding back u.s. dollars. >> the recent violent crackdown, i do not see how we can continue aid. i believe it must be suspended. >> there's no way to say this is not a coup. it is. we should say so, and we should follow our own law, which says we can't -- we cannot fund the coup
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as catherine. she is doing a fantastic job. martha: how do you think he is doing, gregg? >> future king changing diapers? i don't buy it. martha: of course he does. we'll leave you on that night. bye everybody. see you tomorrow. have a good day. >> brand new stories and breaking news to bring you. jon: almost impossible to imagine the crisis in egypt is growing worse. dozens of egyptian police officers are massacred in an ambush. >>> the e.u. holds an emergency meeting trying to stop the brutal violence as some u.s. lawmakers call for an end to military aid to egypt. >>> a tearful oscar pistorius indicted today on charges he murdered his model girlfriend. he is set to stand trial this winter in south africa. our legal panel weighs in. >>> so many kids are using smartphones these days. a new study said, staring at that little screen could cause permanent damage to young eyes. the doctor is in. it is all "happening now." jon: and horrific news out of egypt on this monday as calls increase here at home to stop spending your tax dollars on a country in such turmoil. good morning. i'm jon sc
. >>> president obama is back this morning after a vacation in martha's vineyard in massachusetts. this is -- video of the president and his family last night. he has a schedule to discuss progress on reforms. he's taking a two door bus tour in new york and pennsylvania it. he's going to make sure that students from middle class families have access to higher education. >>> bob filner will be back on the job following multiple accusations of sexual harassment. >> bob must go! >> people who want bob filner to resign stood outside city hall yesterday. they're working together 100,000 measures to get a recall measure on the ballot. they have accused him of king inappropriate comments and sexual advancements. he's apologized for his behavior, but refused to step down. >>> political leaders of california and nevada will gather for the tahoe summit. al gore is scheduled to give the speech. california lawmakers one issue up for discussion will be finding money for restoration projects. it's how to develop lakeside development with environmental protections. >>> it's 4:48, we want to chec
to the white house after a week long getaway in martha's vineyard. he kept a low profile on thee links playing with the president of the world bank, a top fund raiser and presidential aide. today it's back to work as he holds meetings with financial regulators. this morning we're waiting onre word on what w caused a jet blue plane headed to bwi to make an emergency landing.ding >> flight 827 touched down dow safely at philadelphia around 6:00 last night. none of 95 passengers and four crew members were hurt. witnesses say the crew smelled smoke in the cabin and made the emergency landing as a precaution. fox 5 spoke by phone to one of passengers, laura chase mcgee. is she's a freelance photographer after a wedding wed shoot in boston. >> i could smell smoke. i could not see it. they thought it smelled like a rubbery smoke. i the slides came out and i saws some exit from the wings of the plane. >> passengers were put on other plan planes to the area. >> crews in ohio are make ---- i.d. reid making headway in a wildfire. the blaze has scorched nearly 160 square miles near the ski town of sun val
's brotherhood supporters. the president today, silent on the manner, as he continues his vacation on martha's vineyard with another round of golf. the white use sending deputy press secretary josh ernest to the cameras to condemn those attacks before secretary of state john kerry made the following remark. this sounds a lot like an endorsement of the muslim brotherhood and their leader of choice, mohamed morsi. >> these events are deplorable, and they run counter to egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion, and genuine democracy. the egyptians inside and outside the government need to take a step back. >> kerry's surprise appearance at the state department briefing marked by his hubs that egypt parties can work out a diplomatic solution. this as the obama state department refuses to claim that egypt is now embroiled in a civil war or that the military takeover could be described as a coup. we're looking at an administration that still has not defined what has happened in a foreign nation over a month ago since this president was removed from office or how they plan for that matter to prese
a week long trip to martha's vineyard. he squeezes one last round of golf. with the president of world bank. president obama will meet with financial regulators today as they look for a way to strengthen the financial system. >> now to another fox news alert the president's first order of business as he does return home might deal with the growing crisis in egypt. new overnight suspected militants ambushed police officers killing 24 people this after the egyptian army admits killing dozens of brothers and prisoners after a stand offat a cairo mosque. they debate while they should cut off aid to the nation. >>> good morning to you as well. that situation took place at sinai is a reminder of how dire the situations are becoming. one says the aid set aside already doubt the door. he adds when congress returns from washington they have to debate future funding of egypt. the violence continues to escalate. they are getting worse with no end to violence on the horizon. some congressional lawmakers are asking the united states to cut off military aid to egypt. >> while the acts by the egyptia
. they were busy up in martha's vineyard. there could be lots of different reasons. what i don't understand, why is everybody coming down on the republicans and asking them to defend themselves. do you really believe in the constitution, like i am sure peter king doesn't believe in the constitution. give me a break, of course he does. why aren't democrats being held accountable. republicans aren't in charge of anything except the house of representatives. >> they get the blame. >> the obama team knew this "the washington post" report was coming, why didn't they get out in front of it when president obama talked about the reforms. remember the press conference before he left for martha's vineyard, about reforms, more transparency to the nsa program. they knew this was coming, that would have been a good opportunity to have talked about it and got it out. then it all would be out in the wash. >> important to keep in mind a majority of the house republicans voted to defund the nsa. >> what about the democrats, bob, seriously? >> do the democrats give a crap about anything? do they care about a
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martha stewart, too. >> well, so, jcpenney we know for sure is reporting their earnings tomorrow morning before the opening bell. and remember, they don't give guidance anymore, so some of the analysts' estimates are all over the place. but on average, we are looking for a loss of about $1.06 or $1.07 on revenue of $2.76 billion. the same-store sales number, many expect it will be negative, down around 8% or so. and we know that they told us their cash on the balance sheet was $1.5 billion. they told us that when they released some of the information about that earlier on. as far as the ruling goes, the court case, we actually don't know when that is going to come down. the judge said in closing arguments that he will get it to us soon. we don't exactly know how we will get the information, and if it will be given to the lawyers as a heads-up or it gets posted online and we all get it at the same time. but whatever it is, and whenever it is, it will certainly make headlines. >> it certainly will. >> thank you, court. >> reporter: thank you. >> see you later. that's going to be big when t
. the firs family is back at the white house after a vacation at martha's vineyard. on capitol hill some republican law americas want to stop the law by simply not funding it. the show down could force a government shut down. >> scary moments earlier tonight as passengers acrovoid a flight baltimore. the jet was averted to philadelphia. all people aboard were safely evacuated. >> fire now 90 percent contained. the massive flames forced residents to flee their homes. i am marianne rafferty now back to huckabee pore your late hesd lines log on to foxnews.com. ou morsi is restoreed to power. (applause) >> before the break, we showed you graphic images of an unarmed man shot down trying to stop a tank. this is how out of control the violence in egypt has become. >> eric was in egypt last month when morsi was ousted from power. he also talks to them in the military and political pears including the muslim brotherhood and a fellow in the washington institute. eric joins me now. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you, governor. >> i know you have had conversations with your sources in
but the u.s. as well. martha raddatz, abc news, cairo. >>> and now back here at home an uproar is building tonight after an announcement that the obama administration may be dealing a bruising blow to the program head start designed to helped preschool children catch up on education. word tonight the administration says the sequester forced cuts but critics say there may have been another way. tonight 57,000 children are facing the possibility they will no longer get educational support. >>> and a big headline for these last weeks of summer. lyme disease is on the move and the cdy now reports that ten times as many people are being infected as previously thought. what is going on? abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser is here. what's behind these numbers? that's a huge increase? >> this is dramatic. the previous estimate was 30,000 cases per year. now data, 300,000 cases of lyme disease every year, mainly in the northeast, increasing in the u.s. mainly because of milder winters. >> meaning the ticks last longer? >> they have a longer period in which they can bite. >> let me ask you
plans to commemorate martha washington memorial, e-mail us at mymarchdc@gmail.com or twitter at my foxdc or facebook. time now in 6:21.  >> in today's business beat, how stores are cashing in on security camera footage. why you may not be able to sleep through work exercises. live in new york, good morning to you, happy monday to you. >> reporter: happy monday, wisdom, how are you? >> i percent can't complain. let's talk about how these security cameras are cashing in. >> there is new camera equipment that allows stores to take the security footage and improve to cater more to the customer. something ranges from $99 a month to $999 a month and there is an app called "prism." they can create charts and heat maps to help businesses improve their ability to target customers. aclu is concerned about this data getting misused. >> that's right. we can see how this plays out everybody being concerned about security. mind flash, people have to take online training and don't pay attention. my flash should change that. you may have to. >> no more clicking through online clicking thr
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trabajo de la casa blanca, luego de regresar de martha's vineyard en massachusetts, su agenda incluye npa reuniÓn para determinar avances de la determinaciÓn de una ley financiera luego de la recesiÓn. pasÓ 9 relajantes dÍas, jugÓ golf, y disfrutÓ de la brisa, recargando baterÍas para su intensa tarea como lÍder de la mayor potencia mundiale. >>> 1200 bomberos y 19 aviones cisternas son la ofensiva de la batalla contra un incendio en idaho, las llamas se contuvieron en un 10%, obligando a la evacuaciÓn de 1300 hogares, en la zona tienen propiedades estrellas de hollywood, como tom hanks, bruce willis, y arnold schwarzenegger. >>> y el estelar corredor sudafricano de piernas amputados pistorius, regresÓ a pretoria para escuchar cargos formales por el asesinato a tiros de su novia, el atleta que usa prÓtesis para competir, y estÁ en libertad bajo fianza, dijo que le disparÓ a la vÍctima 4 veces, que fue un trÁgico error, se espera el juicio para el 2014. >>> la algarabÍa del regreso a clases se tornÓ en vergÜenza nacional en mÉxico, los libroso de texto escolar, estÁn p
on martha's vineyard. his spokesman was pressed on whether tousster of the muslim government in july and its latest assault ominous limb supporters don't make it clear that they have staged a cow data coup de tat in egypt. the obama administration has tap-danced around it like fred astaire. >> what i'm trying to say to you is there are certain legal obligations that go with the definition of a coup, and it has been determined by senior foreign policy officials in this administration to not make a determination. >> we look at our legal requirements determine that we're not required to make a determination. we look at everything through the prism at what is the impact on national security, on regional stability? how can we best play a role? >> reporter: they say it's misguided with disastrous effects. as we predicted and feared, he tweeted, we fear they have taken over. >> from cairo to baghdad, we're failing acro the board. obama's foreign policy is not working. the mid east is literally in flames, and the biggest prize of all is egypt. if we lose egypt. if egypt becomes a failed actured stat
with the military. >>> the first family is back home at the white house after a week-long vacation at martha's vineyard. here they are arriving. he spoke out only once, making a statement against the ongoing violence in egypt. >>> sexual harassment allegations are promming some people in san diego to launch a recall effort to remove their mayor. bob filner is refusing calls to resign despite facing sexual harassment allegations from a dozen women. 101,000 signatures have to be collected to trigger a recall election. >>> community members will have several opportunities to give an input about the future of the contra costa fire district. budget cuts have led to fire station closures for the past two years. the meetings will give people a chance to offer feed back that is critical to evaluating the fire district. the first meeting is at the pittsburg public library tomorrow at 6:30. >>> take a look at this video. three cars went up in flames in the parking lot of o.co coliseum last night. that massive plume of smoke could be seen inside the stadium as well at least one car was destroyed and se
, but refused to step town. >>> president obama has finished a week long vacation on martha's vineyard. the president has a meeting scheduled to discuss progress on reform. later this week he's taking a two-day bus tour in new york and pennsylvania. the bus tour is to make sure that middle has families have access to higher education. >>> a dog who was found swimming off the bay will stay with the man who rescued her. officials have not been able to track done the real owner of this dog. a man was out wind serving when he came across that dog. he flagged down a bother who was able to take the dog to shore. >>> a house fire in san jose killed 100 cats. according to the palo alto weeklily, the home -- weekly, the homeowner is a member of a shelter. after the fire, former network members accused miller of animal cruelty and hoarding. she said animal control routinely checked in on her cats. now, the network is losing the contract with the university. >>> paul mccartney could be headed back to san francisco. [ music ] >>> he's considering headlining one last concert at candlestick park bef
, fresh off his week-long vacation on martha's vineyard. of course he faces a tough fight as he tries to sell his economic proposals to congress and also solve the budget crisis. >> but the president -- debbie wasserman schultz. we were -- the republican party feels like they need to get their act together, moving into a presidential election. what is it that the democrats need to do on that front as they battle things like scandals, with a san diego mayor what are the kinds of things that you're focusing on as you move into the next presidential race. >> as i listen to shaun spicer talk about the republican national committee meeting last week. >> in support of comprehensive -- hispanic vote last year to president obama and doubling down on opposition to a path to citizenship certainly is not the way to win the hearts and minds of the hispanic community. so we're focused this week on moving forward, focusing on what the american people shows last year, which was fighting for the middle class, helping to rebuild our economy and making sure that we can have everybody have an opportunit
is engaging. he came out during his vacation on martha's vineyard, spoke on thursday. this is part of what he said. >> we've sustained our commitment to egypt and its people, but while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. >> so, ratchets up the pressure, senator ayotte, but is the president more or less on the sidelines or do you think he's been doing the right thing? >> well, i agreed with his suspension of the military exercise, obviously his condemnation of the violence, but i think he fell short when he really didn't come out and call out the real question on the suspension of aid, because that is the real influence that we have with egypt. so, i thought that he could have been stronger on that coming very clearly against the violence and saying we're going to suspend aid until you restore democracy. >> so, the question for me, senator reed, is what is it that the united states really wants to stand up for right now? i go back to the mubarak, at
their nine-day get away to martha's vineyard. he hold a meeting with regulators as he decides to who pick as next chairman of the federal reserve. >> meantime, the white house began installing solar panels on the first family residence. last week, the obama administration pledged in 2010 to put solar panels on the white house as a sign of the president's commitment to clean energy. not the first time the solar panels have been on the roof, of the white house. president jimmy carter had an array of them put up in the late '70s. president ronald reagan had them removed back in 1986. >> speaking of the white house, the executive mansion was the setting for hollywood's latest block buster "the butler." shot at the top, shot to the top of the weekend box office now -- not without controversy. a couple from silver spring, maryland, publicly took to twitter to complain about what they thought was racial profiling at their local regal cinema. >> they had what i thought were bullet-proof vests, they had side arms, they had a badge that was sewn into their, into their shirt. they looked serious. >>
this morning. they returned to washington, d.c., last night after spending several days at martha's vineyard. and on his last day of vacation, the president spent some time on the golf course. now, the president has no public events on his schedule today. here's a breakdown of the president's trip by the numbers. he played six rounds of golf, made five outings to local restaurants, he had one date night with the first lady. the president made one on-camera statement regarding the crisis in egypt, and he played one game of basketball and thanks to abc news for compiling the numbers. >>> new this morning, vice president joe biden may be maneuvering toward a possible 2016 presidential run. today's edition of the "wall street journal" reports allies of the vice president are certain he can win the 2016 democratic nomination even if former secretary of state hillary clinton enters the race. and there's now talk that biden could set up a political action committee to help build goodwill for a possible campaign. sources say biden has made no decision about his future, but they add he has not ruled
on martha's vineyard facing questions how his administration will handle two vital concerns to the nation. internationally, there's still a question of how america should respond to the violence against protesters in egypt as well as reports that the military-controlled government may soon release former dictator hosni hugh barak from prison. we'll have more in just a moment. but first, the president returns as d.c. and the nation prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic march on washington for jobs and freedom. half a century later, the questions about race and criminal justice raised by that march still face the country. including in the form of controversial stop and frisk programs. a federal judge declared new york city's programs unconstitutional last week. however, at a news conference on a major gun bust today, new york city mayor michael bloomberg again stood front and center to defend the practice. >> generally, it's believed by law enforcement people that without this tactic, the bad guys would feel a lot more comfortable in carrying guns. common sense says if y
. >> leland vittert, thank you. >>> despite his digs on martha's vineyard, president obama was never far from the egypt crisis. ed henry on a returning president who's had to hit the ground running. >> reporter: just back from vacation, president obama is immediately facing pressure to deal with the spiraling situation in egypt, with defense secretary chuck hagel declaring the violence must end, though he quickly added the administration believes it has little leverage. >> our ability to influence the outcome in egypt is limited. it's up to the egyptian people and they're a large, great, sovereign nation, and it will be their responsibility to sort this out. >> reporter: some key republicans disagree and hit the sunday talk shows to declare it is time for the president to play an important card, cutting off the $1.3 billion in military aid the u.s. provides egypt each year. >> we have no credibility. we do have influence, but when you don't use that influence, then you do not have that influence. >> reporter: we are not winning the hearts and minds of those in egypt. >> we're going to have a
from martha's vineyard. eight-day vacation confronted with the major issues. the bottom line is defense secretary chuck hagel moments ago saying the u.s. may have very little influence and it is up to the egyptian people. though you have heard many lawmakers say that the u.s. does have influence and it is time to cut off u.s. aid to egypt. over a billion dollars in u.s. aid per year. josh earnest a few moments ago saying the president hasn't yet made up hs his mind. take a listen. i can tell you that that is something that we're evaluating on an ongoing basis. that the purpose of these reviews is to determine what impact it would have on our national security. is it going to get us closer to seeing the outcome in egypt we would like to see which is the prompt return to democratically elected civilian elected -- >> including senator lindsay graham who just came back with senator john mccain from the white house. so for him to say it is time to cut off aid, that is very important top listen to what he said. >> we will suspend our aid because we can't support the reaction of the military.
since getting back from his vacation in martha's vineyard last night. and the white house says he is doing this to convey a sense of urgency on all these regulators and capitalize on the momentum they developed relating to all the rules stemming from the dodd-frank financial reform approved by congress three years ago. this is coming up on the fifth year anniversary of the financial crisis. the president doesn't want to let this moment go to waste. take a listen. >> there is no question large financial institutions including investment firms and banks on wall street wield significant influence over the political process in washington, d.c. that is the benefit of having independent regulators who can make their own determinations about the rules and regulations that should be put in place. >> the president comes back with a very full agenda for the rest of the summer and for the fall including budget battles here in washington, increase in the debt ceiling, the fight over that that will come later this year, and of course finding a successor to fed chairman bernanke. as we've been
" top spot making $25 million. >>> president obama in washington after a vacation at martha's vineyard. he's got his work cut out for him. egypt, regulation and funding the government. john harwood joins us with the latest. what's top priority? >> top priority for the president that is meeting with financial regular laters. he returned from martha's vineyard to a vacation buffeted by the conflict in egypt and other things that are pressing on a national security basis, more revelations about the nsa as well. he's got a very economic, heavy agenda as he comes to back to washington. congress is still out. he meets with the whole array across the government of regulators about trying to keep pace with implementation of dodd/frank, only 40% of the regulations are done. volcker rule is most important, trying to get that done by the end of the year. the president has also got speeches in upstate new york to press his agenda for a middle out economy. that is not likely to go too far with republicans but he's trying to soften up the ground for the fiscal debates this fall. the president has th
to martha's vineyard because all of that is up in the air and very tough. my view is they'll resolve that and we can talk about how but it's probably going to be very short term resolutions. >> tell us how and more importantly when perhaps. >> well, i think the way that the government shut down at the end of september gets avoided is through a short-term continuing resolution. that's another -- grand more mini bargains. the debt ceiling is a tougher one. >> i don't think we'll ever have -- we should just take the words grand bargain off the table. there are no ingredients for a grabd grand bargain. no one wants it. in fact, even the pieces of it that you and i want which are really need to include tax policy aren't going to be there. >> and nobody tries to hijack the process this time? >> lots of attempts to hijack. there's going to be hijacking left and right on this, on the debt ceiling and some effort on sequestration. i don't think there's going to be really successful if they continue with this ad hoc budgeting. >> will you at least acknowledge that the democrats now are taking
back from martha's they neared and return to wherever he came from. you mean coming back to washington d.c.? just come back to wherever he is being president and go away from being president. the other caller said he should perhaps resigned. that is what i think. rose brought up the division in politics, that is the subject of today's lead editorial in the wall street journal on a different potential candidate, hillary clinton. her racial politics is the headline there. the next piece notes that she makes a polarizing pitch that ignores trends in voter turnouts. that opinion piece notes that hillary clinton is playing racial politics right now -- on the issue of potential candidates in 2016, here is a front page piece today also in "the wall street journal" -- on that same story, it goes on to note the history here. it notes -- over the past half-century, vice presidents who ran invariably capture their parties nomination -- the last president to fail the nomination was out in berkeley, who suffer -- who was under harry truman. he was 74 and his age was cited as a reason for defeat. st
." >>> and president obama back at the white house after wrapping his vacation on martha's vineyard over the weekend, the president and the first family arrived at the white house late last night. president obama played six rounds of golf before leaving for home on sunday. this week the president will head to upstate new york and pennsylvania where he'll continue his campaign stump speeches on the economy. >>> and a couple of surprises at the box office this weekend. "the butler" is the top earner with $25 million. meanwhile, the comedy "we're the millers," second, with nearly 18 million. "elysium" third, noticeably absent from that list, "jobs." >>> and a ferrari just set a world record, not in speed. now the most expensive car ever sold at a public auction, 1967 ferrari, 275 spyder, only ten built. sold for a cool $27.5 million. it went to a canadian fashion mogul. the former owners, this is the great part of this story, say that all proceeds are going to charity. good for them. >> that's great. makes it even sweeter. she sure is pretty. thank you, josh. >>> we turn now to oscar pistorius, as expe
at the white house this morning, after a week-long vacation at martha's vineyard in massachusetts. this is video of the president and his family returning home last night. this afternoon, the president has a meeting scheduled with financial regulators to discuss pro grtion often -- progress on reform. he's taking a two-day bus tour through new york and pennsylvania. the white house says the focus of the tour will be making sure that students from middle class families have access to higher education. >>> 8:17. let's get everybody out the door. sal, can you help them around the toll plaza? >> it's still very slow. it's one of the slowest commutes in the bay area right now. that's getting into san francisco. as you look at the toll plaza, it has improved quite a bit. in fact, it's still the same 25, 30-minute delay getting into the city. also looking at some of the commutes on 880, we're beginning to get slower heading up past the coliseum and up to downtown oakland. 2340 make ire problems. 580 is slow coming up on the 238 "y." and in san jose, we continue on northbound 280. it's a
to martha's vineyard. the president will be meeting with a group of financial regulators later today including fed chair ben bernanke. they'll be discussing the ongoing implementation of the dodd-frank financial overhaul. and josh earnest will brief reporters set for air on c-span. suspected militants killed 24 police in an ambush in northern sinai, and egyptian officials also are indicating former president hosni mubarak could be freed this week. questions likely will come up during today's white house briefing, news also that european union foreign ministers will hold an emergency meeting this week to forge a joint response to the recent violence in egypt that has killed nearly 1,000 people. a european committee official said diplomats agreed that meeting would be held wednesday in brussels. well, here on -- >> we're standing inside hard scrabble which is a two-story log cabin in 1856. julia in her memoirs lets us know that she does not like it one bit. she's found it crude and homely. but true to her nature, she will make the best of it. as a young married woman, she would want to
this morning after a nine-day vacation on martha's vineyard. they arrived back at the white house late last night. the president spent most of his vacation out of private view. today he'll hold a private meeting with private vesters to discuss efforts on strengthening the nation's economy. >>> more fallout on the edward snowden nsa leaks case. they detained the partner of the reporter that first revealed the leaks. david miranda was held under schedule 7 of the terrorism act which allows security agencies to stop and question people at boarders. he was released after nine hours of questioning and was not arrested. now to wall street and what is moving the markets on this monday morning. jackie joins us. good morning. >> gas prices, aaa says they are down a penny from last week, but 14 cents from a month ago. the national average for a gallon of regular, now $3.53. one research firm saying internet traffic around the world dropped 40% when google experienced a brief outing on friday evening, and the will the dow rebound from the worst week of the year? or was last week's drop a sign of more
martha's vineyard where he and the cancellation of the joint military exercise known as bright star. there have been consequences for the actions taken by the interim government. we are hopeful that -- i would also say this -- there have been consequences for other nations that there are other nations that have raised concern in the region and in europe and other places about the actions taken by the interim egyptian government. this is not something that is only in the interest of the united states. it is in the interest of our partners in the region and it our allies around the world. >> a little three years since the president has signed dodd- frank. one says that about 50% of the deadlines have been missed. what is the president's you on the progress of the law? does the banking industry have too much influence over regulators? >> part of his message is about regulators who have a job description, but he will have a message which is able conveyed to them the sense of urgency that he feels about getting the regulations under wall street reform implemented properly. most important
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